10 Reasons Why Homeowners Are Looking to Move to South Florida

beach view in south florida

south florida

South Florida is the perfect place to visit, settle down, or even retire. There is so much to offer in South Florida, and here are 10 reasons why you should look to move there too!

1. Warm weather.
The Gulf Stream offers natural climate control. The warm water that makes its way in from the Gulf of Mexico keeps the area at reasonable temperatures year-round.

2. Scuba diving.

If you think scuba diving is only for daredevils, then think again! If you love the ocean and want to bask in the majesty of it all, then you can see all of the underwater beauty that is waiting to be explored.

3. Light rain.
The typical weather forecast includes rain, but don’t let that ruin your plans! The average day goes dry morning, rainy afternoon, and dry evening. This may explain why South Florida has so many great evening activities across the board.

4. Central location.

Some great cities are so close, and they have a lot to offer. Key Largo is close for a getaway, and Orlando is just up the road for amusement park outings with the gamily. Cruises have their home ports located in South Florida, so vacations are easy and often come with a nice Florida resident discount!

5. Golf.
If you love to golf, South Florida is for you. Particularly in Palm Beach, golfing is world-class and not to be missed. PGA lives here, if that tells you anything!

6. Dining.
South Florida’s dining is eclectic and magical. With so many different styles and cuisines offered and done right, you may find it hard to decide exactly where you want to dine!

7. Beautiful wildlife.
If you love wildlife, South Florida is perfect for you. With sea turtles as next-door neighbors and passing parrots perching on your back porch, the wildlife is beautiful and friendly.

8. Festivals and events.
There seems to always be a happening or something to do in South Florida, from the Japanese Spring Festival to Renaissance festivals to seafood festivals.

9. Baseball.
If you are a baseball fan, especially of the Cardinals or Marlins, then you can observe their training right in South Florida.

10. History and luxury.
If you are looking to soak up some beautiful history or live with or among the lavish, then the South Florida lifestyle is just for you.

Image Courtesy of: Flickr