7 Reasons You Should Move to West Palm Beach, Florida

7 Reasons You Should Move to West Palm Beach, Florida
Florida is a state known for its beaches, its natural splendor, and, of course, its internationally loved theme parks and entertainment. Living in Florida is very affordable despite this, and perfect weather year-round as well as a vast number of things to do nearby makes it a great state to choose as your next home.

By living in West Palm Beach, you will have access to all of this as well as a vibrant local culture, nearby top universities and major cities, and feels like a city that is larger than what the population would suggest.
Here are the top eight reasons you should live in West Palm Beach.
Big City Feel without Big City Costs.

West Palm Beach is home to over 100,000 people, putting it at a similar size to Boulder, Colorado or Lakeland, Florida. It may be a city, but the affordability of living in West Palm Beach does not feel city-like.
At only two percent above the national cost of living average, the affordability of living here compares more to a stereotypical town rather than a metropolis.

Local Splendor
West Palm Beach is a sprawling network of nature areas and local splendor. There are 25 protected nature areas open to the public, and 9 that do not allow public use all throughout the city and surrounding it.
As you would expect from the name, the city is host to a variety of beaches – 47 miles of beach, to be precise, the Ocean is your neighbor in this city.
If you want to go for a swim, cool water from the Atlantic Ocean laps against the shores of Ocean Reef Park, Gulfstream Park, Juno Beach, and the eponymous Palm Beach, some of the beaches that will be close by should you choose to make West Palm Beach your next home.

Great Family Entertainment
West Palm Beach has a variety of children’s entertainment options, making it a great place to live while raising kids. In addition to going on adventures on the beaches and trails nearby, the city has many places to go centered around kids entertainment and activities – you’ll never run out of something to do with your kids in this city.
There is an area called Manatee Lagoon where there are frequently sightings of manatees in the waters, as well as tours of the area and lots of events for kids, including junior labs, tours, and learning experiences.
The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium is a great place to bring kids as there are more than 50 interactive exhibits, a theater, lab, and planetarium.
If you don’t feel like going to the beach to go swimming, you can go to Rapids Water Park instead, with multiple theme-park-style slides and pools.

A City of Festivals
When it comes to lively local culture, there are few cities the size of West Palm Beach that have as much going on as this city does. There are right now 17 festivals scheduled for 2018, with dozens more unofficially planned.
These festivals are centered around everything from food to music to local arts. For example, the Palm Beach Jerk and Caribbean Culture Festival is dedicated to food and music from the Caribbean culture and will happen late May. SunFest is a famous music festival going on early May this year
, with artists including Logic, Billy Idol, Cake, Sublime, and Mr.. Worldwide himself: Pitbull.
Love Golf?

If you love to play golf, you’ll love living here. Host to over 160 private and public golf courses, West Palm Beach has the highest number of courses in the entire state of Florida. There are plenty of championships and tournaments going on all the time too, so you are only a stone’s throw away from competing all year long.
With the perfect weather nearly all year long, you’ll never be off your game or miss a chance to spend a day on the green.

The Gulf Stream Weather
Weather in West Palm Beach is particularly fantastic, even for Florida. This is due to being smack dab in the middle of the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is what gives the water its particular shade of blue, and what maintains the weather year-round to be consistently comfortable, no matter the time of day or month.
This means that going outside is not only confined to the summer; the balancing nature of the Gulf Stream makes the area’s natural splendor available to West Palm Beach residents to use all year long.

No Income Tax
It would be remiss to mention the benefits of living in West Palm Beach without one final detail about living in Florida: there is no state income tax. As well as being an affordable area to live in to start with, you keep more of your check simply by living in the state, allowing you to explore the city more often, go to the beach and experience natural splendor, and live better in West Palm Beach.