Celebrate Seven Seas Style!

Experience the Palm Beach lifestyle. Call Dermot OBrien and schedule a private viewing of an Oasis Singer Island Condo for Sale.Dance yah scallywags! Arr!! Bring out the rum, mateys!

When the moon rises high above the night sky, a pirate wench descends from the top of a tall ship’s mast .. KABOOM!! A cannon blast welcomes the year ahead! Bring out your eye patch, and put on your best pirate clothes! Hang out with sailors at the Key West’s Historic Seaport. Tie a rope around yer buddies and drag ’em to celebratin’ pirate style at the last piece of the Old Key West.

With its rustic charm and warm ambience, the saloon is now a favorite of Beach Boy, Al Jardine. Mel Fisher even called it “A Treasure”. The historic seaport has been a site for the breathtaking Light Boat Parade in December, Adrenaline rush Wrecker’s Cup Race Series, Minimal Regatta, Locale Key West Best Barbecue, a Chilli Cook-off, and the Battle of the Bars! It’s all a must-see and part of the Key West’s Historic Seaport? Get yer swords and prepare those doubloons!

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