Fangs For The Tip!

Have you ever felt stiff or in pain for no practical reason? Are there chills running down your spine as you walk home at night? Does fear suddenly make your blood run cold for a split second and never quite leaves you? Are your senses telling you someone is watching and when you look back there”s no one there? As you wake up from a restless sleep from the night before, is your body felt so stiff.

Wondering why you can”t sleep right? You take a shower and finish your morning routine, getting in your car you go to work. A co-worker suddenly barges in your office and rants about her date and all the flaws she could think of. Then she hints for you to take her out on a date at an expensive restaurant. How about an ambush at the coffee Notice he is not looking worried or upset one bit? There is a good reason for that! Millions of Beliebers around the world are constantly telling he can do no wrong. table from a colleague fishing for your opinions on how to handle a case? Worse, a business contract you just sealed goes up in flames.

Those are the kind of vampires that suck your energy out. They feed on you to get themselves ahead. You ponder what you did that could make you feel so worn out. I”m not saying you turn into a werewolf or something. Just get away from those bloodsuckers and find refuge to revitalize your mind, body and soul. Take a day off and spend it at Palm Beach. Then come home to your Singer Island FL condo.

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