Hotels versus Condos

5 Star hotels are rated for their exceptional services and dining experiences. Being waited upon hand and foot sure is a fine way to pamper one’s self. It sure beats the stress of planning or getting things done by yourself. Not to mention the repertoire of dishes whipped up by only the best chefs. All that and yet it still doesn’t quite feel like home.

Ever thought of having a wall-full of wines that simply demands conversation? How about brushing up on your culinary skills in your fully equipped kitchen? Put your own flare and style to that scrumptious meal and impress your guests immensely. How about being put at ease by the gentle waves lapping by the shoreline? Indulge in the relaxing slumber that your body truly deserves. Waking up to the morning sun has never felt so great, especially with the beach right at your doorstep. Imagine a place that you can call your own. Where you are the king. No time limit on when you need to leave, no trouble with the traffic from place to place, no hassle with booking, and at the very best, you can call it home.

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