Life of the Rich and the Famous in Palm Beach

Think that Los Angeles is the only place people looking for a sunny home state prefer to buy homes and hang out? Think again! Come on down to the southernmost state of Florida and check the beautiful city of West Palm Beach. There are tons of benefits to moving t this gorgeous community. For example, West Palm Beach is known for its lower cost of living, no state tax, and of course, the amazing weather all year round! These perks, combined with the general positive attitude of the locals, are known reasons that more and more celebrities are choosing to move to the area.

One celebrity that has recently bought a house in Palm Beach area is the famous rock n’roll musician Jon Bon Jovi. The rock icon recently recent bought a ten-million dollar house in the North End neighborhood of the island city. The house, which is located just south of Ocean Boulevard offers glorious views of the Atlantic Ocean. Talk about more bang for your buck! And if you’re a fan of Bon Jovi, you can certainly say he deserves it!

Another great musician living in Palm Beach? None other than the man behind “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” Jimmy Buffet. Buffet is a huge fan of his sunny home on the coast, and has praised West Palm Beach in an interview with the local Palm Beach Post, claiming that the best part of living on the beach for a celebrity like him is that “No one bothers me. It’s amazing. I’m not on television and that’s the big difference…People do not know who I am.”

In addition to being a musician haven to escape the spotlight, the West Palm Beach area is also home to plenty other famous personalities. Some of these celebrities include the world famous radio-personality Howard Stern, “Grease” super-star Olivia Newton-John, champion tennis sisters Venus and Serena Williams, golfer Tiger Woods, and six time NBA Champion Michael Jordan. Clearly, the Palm Beaches are a hotspot for stars of all types, and you’re likely to run into a few you know along the shore!

So don’t miss out on a chance to see the stars in sun in the beautiful, affordable, and trendy West Palm Beach. Take some time to drive or fly and check out the beach yourself. And, of course, be sure to bring your camera – you’ll never know who you’ll see!