PBC Commission Blow to Breakwaters

Talk about issues arising. The Breakwater Project that should have been permitted by January of this year was voted down by the Palm Beach County Commissioners on a 5-2 vote on March 22nd. A campaign to put pressure on the commissioners to rethink their vote was started by concerned citizens at Eastpointe I and the Corniche. This effort encompasses 19 condominium associations. SICA completely endorses their efforts and has been working with City Councilperson Dawn Pardo to see what can be done to change the Commissioners minds. Councilperson Dawn Pardo and Palm Beach County Commissioner Karen Marcus have been in contact with state and federal officials Citrus & Green Tea buy-detox.com/shop/hair-drug-test-detox-products/test-pass-detox-shampoo-detail Smoothie – Most of the time smoothies don’t contain tea in them, but they’ve decided to use the granddaddy of all teas, green tea. for assistance with this issue. After Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff convinced Governor Scott to meet with Councilperson Pardo and Commissioner Marcus, and he visited Singer Island to assess the beach erosion. Ms Marcus and Ms Pardo stressed to the Governor that it was imperative that he secure the $9,000,000 State commitment for the project. After a conference between Congressman West and Councilperson Pardo, Congressman West sent a letter to the County Commissioners supporting the project and encouraging the County Commission to reconsider the item and allow the permitting process to continue. It is encouraging to see that all of Singer Island’s elected officials are hard at work trying to bring the breakwater project to fruition.

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