Where Can You Get A Dose Of Art In Palm Beach?

Ever wanted to relax and feast your eyes on serenity and art? Or ponder the view of someone from behind the lens? Stroll down and peek inside the Norton Museum of Art. Marvel at a rediscovered rare masterpiece of Claude-Joseph Vernet, or check out their vast collection and get a glimpse of the past. The museum offers American, Chinese, European and Contemporary art, and photography.Visit the Norton Museum then come home to Singer Island. Own an Oasis Singer Island Condo for Sale.

In 1941, the Norton Museum was established by Ralph Hubbard Norton (1875–1953) along with his wife, Elizabeth. It all started with their keen interest in and love for arts, and their increasing collection. They opened their doors to the public on February 8, 1941. The museum is now run by dedicated volunteers who have the penchant of learning the arts and their collection. They contribute their talents by guiding and share their knowledge to the visitors.

Delightful events lights up the halls of the museum too. Every now and then exhibitions fill the day, letting the public know that art will always be there to impart awareness and comprehension. Thursdays are a must-see for their exclusive Art After Dark dark. Meeting people artistically has never been this entertaining! Arts, parties, delectable food, what more ways can you take pleasure in while filling your senses, right?

After visiting the museum, come home to your Singer Island residence. If you don’t have one yet, give the best real estate agent in Singer Island a call today at (561) 317-1177 and schedule a private viewing for an Oasis Singer Island Condo for Sale.